ŽANA COSMETICS was founded in 1938.

Mrs. Žana Tušek, a charismatic founder of the business, included the whole family in it and she opened beauty parlours in Dubrovnik, Belgrade, Osijek and Zagreb. In 1954, her vision of the business development and growth led her to the USA, Los Angeles, where, unfortunately, her peculiar life finished by premature death. The Zagreb beauty parlour, opened in 1950 at 7 Jurišićeva Street, continued to operate, run by her daughter Ružica Tušek Nežić, and it became the headquarters of the business. In the early 1980s, Mrs. Ružica Tušek Nežić included her daughter-in-law, Marijana Nežić, in the family business, who inherited it after Ružica withdrew from it. In the early 1990s, another beauty parlour was opened in Zagreb, within which the production laboratory was established and equipped. In 2005, Marijana’s daughter, Žana Nežić Erdeljac joined the family business, and, a few years later, Marijana’s daughter-in-law, Gordana Nežić, as well.

Throughout the past 7 decades, the family, that has 4 generations of master beauticians, has been enriching its knowledge and skills that have been transferred from generation to generation. Satisfied customers are our greatest accomplishment. We are extremely proud of our high-quality products that have been produced and used for more than 7 decades.

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